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Born and raised in the art of illusion, Gaston Q Fell in love for Magic at the early age of 3, when his grandfather's took as a preferred disciple showing him the secrets of this fantastic world.
Since then, Gaston hasn't ceased developing his skills as a perfectionist Illusionist and Sleight of Hand artist. And having built a career of recognitions he has become one of the world's most renown magicians.

Acclaimed in Las Vegas and in every corner of the world where he has performed. Holder of the Guiness world record in 2014 for fastest Car illusion in Conjunction with Audi, Not only does his Magic surpass the limits of the impossibl,, but also Gaston has the spark to captivate crowds and leave audiences standing in awe with every single trick.

A talented artist, Gaston Q excels in mixing manipulation, levitations, appearances, transpositions, audience participation and big scale productions.He has entertained heads of State in four continents and held his Illusion Show in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Cancun, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Monte Carlo among others.

He is one of the fewest illusionists in the world who dominates all kinds of magic, elevating him to one of the most prestigious lecturers in the professional magic circuit and also having released numerous instructional DVDs and books on different subjects in the art of illusion.
Contemporary and renowned colleagues David Copperfield and Criss Angel have appointed him as consultant in several opportunities.

Gaston Q is regularly on demand consulting for Hollywood movies and commercials. As such he has advised the production teams of Mc Donalds Arabia, Bollywood movies and Hollywood's The Illusionist. His rapid and enchanted hands can also be seen in commercials for Sony, Apple Mac, HP, Blackberry and US Robotics.

Every year Gaston Q performs at the world Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles where he last held and sold out his Horror Show during Halloween 2011/12/17
At the moment Gaston Performs Public, Corporate shows & Motivational speeches worldwide